Metallica T-Shirt - And Justice For All

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Product Description

If anyone knows about justice, it’s Metallica. In the year 2000 Metallica sued the popular file sharing program Napster for illegally sharing their music on the internet. After roughly a year in the court rooms the judge ruled in favour of Metallica and ordered Napster’s CEO to remove all Metallica material from the program, along with a number of other artists. But that’s not what the Metallica And Justice For All T-Shirt is all about, considering the And Justice For All album came out twelve years before the Napster kerfuffle. Taking the title from the American Pledge of Allegiance and a cover conceptualized by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, designed by artist Stephen Gorman, the Metallica And Justice For All T-shirt features a representation of Lady Justice being torn down by ropes in front of a battered and weathered wall, with the phrase “And Justice For All” spray painted in the lower right hand corner. We think the Metallica And Justice For All T-shirt is one of the best they’ve ever put out, but we guess it’s all in the Eye of the Beholder…

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