Info About The Misfits Store

            The Misfits are an American rock band who has been credited as the founders of the horror punk. Founded in 1977, the band has been credited as one of the most influential punk bands to date. Originally lead by Glenn Danzig, the band first broke up in 1983. Danzig went on to form new bands, which sparked interest in the Misfits and eventually began a legal battle between Danzig and the former members that would span several years. In 1995, the Misfits reformed with Michael Graves taking over as the vocalist. The band continued until Graves quit, when Jerry Only took over as the latest vocalist.

            As a band that has undergone a series of evolutions since its inception over 35 years ago, they have amassed a great deal of Misfits merchandise that can be found in the Misfits store. The Misfits iconic mascot, the crimson ghost, is featured on almost all of the Misfits t-shirts, and has proven to be one of the most recognizable mascots in punk rock history. The crimson ghost is also featured on our Misfits tank tops, which have become an instant fan favorite.

            The Misfits have proven they appeal to a wide array of ages as well as to both genders. We carry Misfits ladies t-shirts for female fans, but also Misfits purses and Misfits bags. For those looking to support the band in a more subdued fashion, we also have Misfits buttons, which can be fastened to any jacket, backpack or hat.

            The Misfits are known for their incorporation of horror themes into their music and graphics. An example of this is the designs released for the Die Die My Darling single, which is featured on one of our Misfits wallets. Skeletons are prominent throughout the bands merchandise, and are featured on everything from Misfits flags to Misfits posters.

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