Info about the Monopoly store

Monopoly may just be known now as the game that ruins friendships and alienates family members, but it has a long and colourful history that not many people know!

Some believe the original idea for what would become “Monopoly” the board game, started  in 1906 and originally titled “The Landlord’s Game”. It was created by Elizabeth Phillips to explain taxes and private land ownership. The accepted creator of the game in its current form however is Charles Darrow, and Parker Brothers began producing the game in 1935. The original design is based in Atlantic City, though more recently the game makers have created specialized versions set in different locales.

Interesting Fact!: During World War II, in an effort to help free British troops taken by the Nazis as prisoners of war, the British Secret Intelligence Service created their own version of the game which included money, maps and other tools for escape. They snuck them into the camps under the guise of a fictitious charity group!

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