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            Motorhead is a famous rock band whose formation transpired in England in 1975. Ian Kilmister, or ‘Lemmy’ as he is known to his loyal and admiration filled fans, is the only member to have remained in the band on a consistent basis. He is a living legend who is well respected for his commitment to living the rock star lifestyle. Lemmy is responsible for much of the song writing, bass playing and, most notably his hoarse singing voice which has made him a cultural icon when paired with his giant, albeit disarming mutton chops. Additional current band members include: Phil ‘Wizzo’ Campbell on the electric guitar and Mikkey Dee who is also known for his time playing drums for King Diamond.

            The longevity of Motorhead's musical career lends itself to a wide variety of Motorhead merchandise which is coveted by music lovers worldwide. The largely popular Motorhead England shirt is now available on white in addition to its original black, and the Snaggletooth Allover Print has been a big hit since its inception. The distinctive Snaggletooth mascot is an easy tell when trying to determine the musical taste of any given self-professed metal enthusiast and can be foound on almost all Motorhead shirts.

            Motorhead fans span generations and are very loyal in nature so it’s not uncommon to see Motorhead wall art, hung with care, in their living spaces or to spot a subtle Motorhead necklace on an attractive female.  If you are in the habit of visiting your friends in their man caves, you will notice that a common theme for decorations comes in the form of flags made from nylon. Motorhead flags are some of the finest, most popular wall hangings you can purchase and are sure to bring joy and visual satisfaction to a Motorhead fan of any age.

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