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Product Description

Do you think the name Napalm Death comes from death by napalm, or are they calling for the death of napalm. As you sit there in your super hot Napalm Death Logo Girls T-shirt, staring down at it wondering which one it means, someone one on the other side of the planet is doing the exact same thing, studying their own Napalm Death Logo Girls T-shirt. We don’t know this for absolute certain, but we can assume, considering their one of the longest running, best-selling, and hardest working grindcore bands of all time. It just makes senses that all over the world there are girls just like you rocking the same Napalm Death Logo Girls T-shirt thinking “man I look bad ass in this tee!”
These guys pump out an album every two years on average, and that’s spread over a thirty four year career…what more can you ask for!

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