Nazi Punks F**k Off T-Shirt

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Product Description

Not a fan of Nazi punks? Make a statement with this incredible Nazi Punks F**k Off shirt on black 100% pre shrunk cotton. This fits to standard North American sizing, providing a comfortable fit for it's lifetime in your wardrobe.

In the early days of punk, some swastikas were incorporated into punk culture and music with the intent of gaining some real shock value. Unfortunately this worked all too well, with some punks on the US west coast taking on some terrible neo nazi values.

In response to this, politically minded and more socially responsible punk bands of the time like The Dead Kennedy's wrote songs entitled Nazi Punks F*** Off to keep these Nazi wannabe's from attending their shows and identifying with their music.

Throw on a Nazi Punks F**k Off shirt and listen to your favorite punk-genre bands of all time. You'll be glad you did.

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