About The Neckties Store

            A necktie is a staple in personal expression and sophistication. While the length and width of neckties can be varied, the general structure of the tie has remained the same throughout the ages. Super cool neckties come in an endless range of colors, widths and patterns with some of the most popular styles being the skull tie and the black and white checkered tie. Band ties represent the wearer’s appreciation for a particular musical group and can be worn to dress up or accessorise an outfit.

            In the past, mens neckties were worn in combination with a button down shirt and were generally reserved for formal occasions, but pop culture sees the neck tie loosening up and being paired with more casual garments like band t-shirts. Girl’s ties have also emerged at the forefront of fashion with celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Brittany Spears sporting this look. Neck ties for girls mirror the diversity available to men which means neckties have made the leap from male domination to a unisex staple item.

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