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            The Nightmare Before Christmas is beautifully presented in stop motion and was released as a horror musical with a fantasy theme by Tim Burton in 1993. It was the first of its kind to form and emotionally lasting and lightheartedly macabre bond with audiences of all ages and remains a prominent part of the pop culture of today. It’s something of a love story that sees lead character Jack Skellington wish his life away when he opens a warp portal to another land – the land of Christmas.

            In response to the cultural sensation Nightmare Before Christmas has become, we now see Jack Skellington, though fictional in nature, as a famous entity. This has brought forth a wealth of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise emblazoned with his likeness like the ever popular Jack Skellington basketball jersey and the I Am Jack hoodie that zips up over the face so you can style yourself as Jack. In addition to unisex Nightmare Before Christmas shirts, a line of ladies tees has also been released that feature a more feminine cut with a selection of v-neck styles included.

            Nightmare Before Christmas merch doesn’t stop at t-shirts, jerseys and hoodies. We have a variety of excellent gift choices available to you in our all-encompassing store. Here you will find gems like Jack Mania Nightmare Before Christmas baby clothes, coin purses featuring Jack’s face, belt buckles bobbleheads wallets and lunchboxes suitable for fans of all ages.

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