Nirvana Girls Tank Top - Smile

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Hard to believe that it was over two decades ago that the world lost a budding music legend and globetrotting band. You have to wonder just where Nirvana might be today had Kurt not succumbed to his demons, but if there is ever a perfect example of quitting while you’re ahead…it’s Nirvana. This Nirvana Smile Girls Tank Top is the perfect summer addition to your closet…or floor! One of the most memorable bands in music history and one of the most iconic logos in music and pop culture history on this very flattering Nirvana Smile Girls Tank Top. Everyone wants to wear something that breaths well, fits nicely, and looks hot while everything around them is “In Bloom” so why not pick yourself up the Nirvana Smile Girls Tank Top and make every “Negative Creep” on the street take a second look and every girl ask where you got your awesome top!

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