Nirvana Pullover Hoodie - Smiley Boxed

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Product Description

Itís a cold and cruel world, but you can at least make it less cold with a Nirvana Smiley boxed pullover hoodie!

The time of grunge music was a time of angst and apathy, a time to scowl at the yuppies while we wore holes in every piece of clothing we owned. This 100% cotton Nirvana Smiley Boxed Pullover hoodie however is too awesome to assault. It does however feature that iconic dead-eyed smiley that represented a generation who valued art over currency, and probably still does, as Nirvana has stood the test of time!

If you can still feel the 90ís flowing through your veins, grab a Nirvana Smiley Boxed pullover hoodie and let that feeling out!

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