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Opeth began in Stockholm in 1990, with David Isberg and Mikael Åkerfeldt, the latter of whom is the only one to stay consistently with the band since its formation. The name, Opeth, has literary roots, from the name of fictional city “Opet” which means “City of the Moon”. The sense of darkness that comes from the name is reflected in their black and death metal origins, which feature melodic lyrics as well as fearsome death growls. The band’s influences range, though most inspiration springs from Åkerfeldt, who is the primary songwriter for Opeth. Åkerfeldt is most prominently inspired by progressive rock, particularly progressive metal band Judas Priest! Opeth’s music has dabbled in jazz influence and some folk metal stylings but has stayed close to death metal, with eleven studio albums since 1995! The most recent release, Pale Communion in 2014, takes a different musical path, featuring no death growls, but fantastical song premises and intricate melodies!

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