Orphan Black Girls T-Shirt - Four Panels

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Product Description

Anybody have a case of Déjà vu looking at this Orphan Black Four Panels girls’ t-shirt? What gives? Turns out these girls are all clones, created by the DYAD Institute as a weird biotechnological experiment! From the Canadian television series Orphan Black, actress Tatiana Maslany, plays the titular role of Sarah, who first uncovers the conspiracy, but also all of the supporting clone characters as well. Four of the clones are featured here on the Orphan Black Four Panels girl’s t-shirt, and for clones, they all look so different!

For most ladies in today’s society, there is an inherent fear of not being an individual, but as this Orphan Black Four Panels t-shirt shows, you can look exactly like someone else, without being a brainless copy!

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