Devil's Horns Back Patch - Heavy Metal Back Patch


Product Description

Brought to you by Ronnie James Dioís Grandma, the Devilís Horns Back patch!

Canít decide what band you love most to put front and center on your brand new vest? Itís a big decision that requires a lot of thought Ė and the perfect image! So donít waste any more time thinking about it, grab our Devilís horns back patch!

Grandma Dio used to make this symbol with her hands to ward off the evil eye. The Devilís Horns back patch came from that after Dio adopted the hand motion to throw at the fans when he began singing for Black Sabbath. Dio did this because Ozzy would always use the peace symbol on stage to connect with the audience and Dio wanted to connect, but not copy.

Measures: 12 inches (top,) 14 inches (sides), and 11 inches (bottom)

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