Metal Cloth Patch - Bless You


Product Description

ROCKWORLDEAST’s Bless you patch is derived from our super popular bless you t-shirt!

The Bless you patch features an image of Pope Francis from that time he met King Diamond and they became the best of buds blasting metal far and wide for the masses. Christians all over the world bowed in honour of the mighty riff and threw devil horns in the air while chanting “Satan bless you! SATAN BLESS YOU!”.

It was really mega epic and this totally really happened but then the MIB showed up and flashed that thing-a-ma-jig in everyone’s faces and you all forgot, but here at ROCKWORLDEAST... we remember.

Get the Bless you patch to commemorate this historical event. Printed white on a black cloth patch it measures 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

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