Metal Cloth Patch - Born Against


Product Description

What’s so great about being born again? You take a big bath with a bunch of people, in a white dress as this guy tries to drown you in the name of Jesus! Sounds pretty traumatic, and these people seem a bit crazy, let them know where you stand with our Born AGAINST Christians cloth patch.

The idea that one dude back in the day was murdered in the name of God to save all mankind from going to hell is sort of messed up, especially considering the murder weapon is the central symbol of this religion. The image of the black, 4.5 inch by 5 inch Born Against Christians cloth patch, shows Jesus Christ crucified upside down and the words “Born Against Christians” surrounding him, all in white. Take that, organized religion!

Fight the crazy! Bring the “holier than thou” attitude of Born again Christians down a notch with the Born Against Christians cloth patch!

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