Pink Floyd Lounge Pants - DSOTM

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Product Description

Less is more when your music speaks for itself. Embrace the basic with our new Pink Floyd DSOTM loungepants!

You don’t have to be flashy to be entertaining. This couldn’t be truer than with our Pink Floyd DSOTM Loungepants. Using the easily recognizable prism logo from the band’s Eighth studio album, the print of these pants is both understated and iconic! The logo is slightly distressed on a black background with a drawstring waistline and made from 100% cotton!

Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon logo is a prism. In science, prisms are used to refract light, which is what cause the rainbow in their signature image. In Pink Floyd’s case, and the case of these Pink Floyd DSOTM loungepants, the prism is used to refract your very imagination and turn your thoughts into beautiful dreams!

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