Pirate Shirt - Jolly Roger

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Product Description

Yo ho ho! A Pirateís life for me! Or you, if you grab this new Jolly Roger Pirate T-shirt!

Itís the oldest symbol of scallywags and buccaneers! A white, smiling skull with two crossed cutlassí beneath it, symbolizing the death and danger that comes from all who raise these colours! The design is, of course, printed on a black t-shirt, adding another level of tradition and dread from the scurge of the seven seas! If you are without a ship and need to show off your passion for piracy, grab a Jolly Roger Pirate t-shirt and be your own flag!

This particular style of the Jolly Roger t-shirt was originally used by pirate, Calico Jack during the 18th century! He was known for having women on his crew, one of whom was his mistress! In seafaring lore, it was unlucky to have a woman on a ship at sea, let alone in the crew, so he was a pretty progressive dude for his time!

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