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Product Description

If you had to pick up a sword and shield, one would hope that youíd be dawning a coat of arms on said shield. Itís a unique way of showing who you are and where you come from. Well our ROCKWORLDEAST Coat of Arms t-shirt is no different. Itís tough out there in the world and you have to protect yourself. So why not pull on a ROCKWORLDEAST Coat of Arms t-shirt before you hit the streets. Not only will it protect you from those trying to court your love and steal you loot, but it also tells the world just who you are, where youíre from, and what you stand for.

No words are needed when someone sees you strolling down the sidewalk looking regal as all get out. Join the ROCKWORD family and wear your colours with pride by showing off your new ROCKWORLDEAST Coat of Arms t-shirt every time you leave your front door.

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