Info About The Sesame Street Store

            Sesame Street premiered in 1969 as an American children’s TV series. The show featured Jim Henson’s muppet style characters, and was aimed at educating young children. The show is worldwide recognized, and as of 2009, the show has won 8 Grammy Awards and 143 Emmy Awards.

            Sesame Street has created several different iconic characters recognized by children and adults alike. The Sesame Street store features Sesame Street merchandise available for each unique character.

            One of the most recognized characters on the show is Elmo. Elmo has gained worldwide fame, and has appeared on shows such as the Rosie O’Donnell Show, Martha Stewart Living, and the Tony Danza Show. Sesame Street and Elmo fans alike will be pleased to see the selection of Elmo merchandise available. This includes things such as Elmo hats, Elmo backpacks, Elmo blankets, Elmo shirts, Elmo hats and Elmo wallets. As one of the most popular characters on the show, there is something for every Elmo fan out there!

            Another iconic monster featured on the show is Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster is a blue muppet most famous for his love of cookies. Fans will be pleased to see that he is featured on a number of different items of Cookie Monster merchandise such as Cookie Monster beanies, Cookie Monster t-shirts, Cookie Monster wallets, Cookie Monster blankets and Cookie Monster belt buckles.

            Another popular character on Sesame Street is Oscar the Grouch. Oscar the Grouch lives in a trashcan, loves trash, and is portrayed as a hoarder on the show. Like Elmo, he has appeared in several other tv shows as a cameo. Oscar fans will be ecstatic to see the selection of Oscar the Grouch merchandise available. This includes an Oscar the Grouch backpack, Oscar the Group t-shirt and Oscar the Grouch beanie.

            The Sesame Street store has something for everyone. Sesame Street blankets have become a fan favorite, as they are enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Sesame Street t-shirts have seen resurgence in popularity with adults looking to reminisce about their childhood.

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