About The Slayer Store

            Slayer is a thrash metal band formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman(R.I.P. May 2, 2013). The band is credited as one of the founding four of thrash metal. The band’s albums are highly controversial and have elicited reactions religious groups and the public, often calling for bans of the albums. The band is known for the speed and aggression of their music, and have played an influential role in metal’s long history.

            Slayer’s reputation as a controversial and aggressive band is evident in the numerous shirts available in our Slayer store. Slayer shirts are often adorned with skulls, blood and knives. Slayer hoodies feature the same imagery, with a fan favorite being the iron eagle hoody. The iron eagle, prominent on Slayer merchandise has been the subject of controversy as some groups have accused them of holding Nazi sympathies, which the band denies. Other classic Slayer shirts available, such as the Slayer Live Undead shirt, feature the band’s first live album artwork. Classic Slayer album shirts such as this have become prized pieces in any Slayer collection.

            Metal fans will be pleased to see the selection of different products available including Slayer bags, Slayer clocks and Slayer belt buckles. Slayer flags and Slayer clocks are available to decorate a metal head’s dream home. The graphic images available on these flags, such as the cover art for God Hates Us All, is sure to spark conversation with even the most passive visitor. Slayer flasks are also available for today’s metal head on the go. For those looking for something less flashy, Slayer necklaces and Slayer buttons can be worn discretely while still pledging your allegiance to the heavy metal gods.

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