Slipknot T-Shirt - Oxidized

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Product Description

These masked marauders have been through a lot in the past couple of years, but they’re getting back to basics with this Slipknot Oxidized t-shirt!
Slipknot are known for their dark nu metal grooves and hiding their identities, kind of, behind their horrific and theatrical masks, as pictured on the Slipknot Oxidized t-shirt. With all their disguises, you’d be surprised how often their lineup changes! In the past few years the band has lost founding members Paul Gray due to his death in 2010, and Joey Jordison for reasons that are debatable among the band. At this point, it could be anyone on the Slipknot Oxidized t-shirt, but we know no matter who is behind the mask, these guys will always bring the metal!

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