Snap Belt Black Leather Snap - Buckle Belt

  • Black
  • 28" Waist
  • 30" Waist
  • 32" Waist
  • 36" Waist

Product Description

Heavy Duty Black Leather Snap Buckle Belt, Buckle Not Included With Belt

Good Quality Leather Belt...Sure To Impress The Buckle In Your Life.

Many of the belts sold for a low cost on the internet are made of "leather stripping" and filled with a polyester style material that basically holds the belt together. Many times these belts are simply painted and cheaply made, falling apart within 3 to 4 months.
Our belts are made of pure leather and stitched for a durable finish.

Belts may vary slightly in rivet style. We will deliver the style we have in stock. All are of very good quality and similar style.

If you are wondering why the price of these belts is so low...that's a great quesiton! We keep the price low so you can afford to buy a nice belt with a cool buckle to go with it! Let us know if you have any questions.

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