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            Sons of Anarchy is a drama series which focuses on a motorcycle club chapter operating in California.  The chapter, referred to as Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, or SAMCRO, is lead by Clay Morrow, but is eventually taken over by the show’s protagonist, Jax Teller, the son of one of the founding members. Sons of Anarchy premiered in 2008 on FX, and has since become FX’s most popular show.

            Fans of the show can rejoice in the volume of official Sons of Anarchy shirts, clothing & merch in our Sons of Anarchy store. Sons of Anarchy merchandise including apparel such as SOA t-shirts are available in a variety of designs, several different colors and a number of different sizes, including 2XL and 3XL in some cases. Each shirt features classic SOA logos similar to the back patch or ‘cut’ sported by the characters on the show, including various different SAMCRO t-shirts. Sons of Anarchy hoodies, tanks and muscle shirts are also available with an authentic club feel. Ladies shouldn’t feel left out either, as our selection of Sons of Anarchy women’s shirts continues to grow! Whether you are a fan of Jax, Gemma, Clay, Tig or Opie, there is something here for every fan in our Sons of Anarchy store.

            For those looking to support their favorite motorcycle club with something less prominent than a shirt, Sons of Anarchy mugs and Sons of Anarchy wristbands are also available! These items are also great for gifts!

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