Sons Of Anarchy Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Solid SAMCRO

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Product Description

A soft, Sons of Anarchy long sleeve tee that boldly shows a distressed SAMCRO logo printed across the chest of the item. The logo is bordered by a thick, rectangular white border. The sweater only features the graphic on the front and is the classic and simple design.

Made from 100% thick, warm cotton, this hoodie is pull-over style and features a snug crew neck. This garment is pre-shrunk and is machine washable.

Sons of Anarchy follows the story of a the president of a motorcycle club in northern California, whose name is Jaxx Teller. Jaxx is surrounded by his family and his outlaw biker gang, who are usually involved in some shady money making schemes. Jaxx father passes away, and his mother votes for him to step up and take over the motorcycle club, which brings out a strong moral struggle for Jaxx, and show the ups and downs of being at the head of an outlaw motorcycle game. With all this, the show brings a very interesting plot and lots of exciting situations.

One of the best gifts you can give a Sons of Anarchy fan is one of our amazing Sons of Anarchy Shirts!

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