Sons Of Anarchy T-Shirt - Brawl

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Product Description

Season 6 is perfectly summed up with the SOA Brawl t-shirt. This season has had the most inside betrayals and backstabbing’s that the Son’s have experienced in any season thus far. No one seems safe anymore.

The image on the SOA brawl t-shirt is the same used to promote Season 6. The early trailers showed all members of the club fighting each other in slow motion. It was later released as a still image to promote the new season.

Pictured on the SOA Brawl t-shirt we have Jax, Clay, Juice, Tig, Tara, Jemma, Bobby and Chibs in a sepia tone with the SOA Anarchy logo in the far bottom left and Sons of Anarchy is a stenciled style font on top. The image is printed on a black t-shirt.

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