Spider-Man One Piece - Marvel Retro

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Product Description

Want the glory of being Spider-man without all the hassle of being bitten by a radioactive arachnid? Well throw on a Spider-man Marvel Retro one piece and you’ll be New York’s favourite swingin’ superhero instantly!

Well, the Spiderman Marvel Retro one piece does not include the superpowers of Spidey, let’s face it you’re still pre-bite Peter Parker underneath! However, this costume will give you the confidence of the webbed vigilante, with the added comfort of your favourite pair of childhood jammies! And who knows, maybe you can use your brain and invent your own web shooters like Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-man, that way you could have some neat spidey powers! Either way, as long as you have the Spider-man Marvel Retro one piece, you’re halfway there!

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