Star Wars Coffee Mug - Storm Trooper


Product Description

As you prepare for another life-sucking day at the office, pouring your morning coffee into a Star Wars Stormtrooper coffee mug, remember things could be worse.

Stormtroopers are a misunderstood army of faceless pawns for the galactic administration. They are hated for following orders, although they may not have a single malicious thought in their helmet! Imagine the guy on your Star Wars Stormtrooper coffee mug has a wife and kids and is just trying to make ends meet, but spends 18 hour days on the Death Star because one guy decided that everything should be run by the Sith! Harsh, eh? Think about that as you enjoy hot cocoa in your Star Wars Stormtrooper coffee mug with your family who arenít in danger of being blown to bits like Alderaan.

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