Star Wars T-Shirt - Imperial Army Join Today

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Product Description

There is a huge difference between Uncle Sam and Darth Vader, Uncle Sam isnít terrifying and probably couldnít do much to you if you turned him down. Vader on the other hand could pull out the olí force choke and make you look like a chump. The Star Wars Imperial Army Join Today t-shirt is destined to be an iconic piece of war time propaganda, and also makes you look like a total bad ass. Trust us when we say, you need a Star Wars Imperial Army Join Today t-shirt, because those who donít show their support might as well be considered traitors. Nobody wants to be a traitor, especially when the heartless ruler of the dark side is staring you down and calling you out. So donít be foolish, pick yourself up a Star Wars Imperial Army Join Today t-shirt and just hope that Lord Vader looks upon you favourably.

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