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Product Description

To C or not to 3…P0…that is the question. See what we did there? Because Darth Vader looks like Hamlet holding C3P0’s head like the skull in the classic William Shakespeare play. Get it, do you get it? Just look at this Star Wars Tales t-shirt and tell us it doesn’t remind you of hamlet. Either that or maybe this image on the Star Wars Tales t-shirt is Darth Vader getting ready to toss C3P0’s head like a bowling ball into a pile of Ewoks, knocking them down like bowling pins. OR…MAYBE... Darth is thinking “Hey, maybe I should start accessorizing with gold. This head would look great on a thick gold chain…that’s what all the kids are into these days”. We can just see it now, MC Force Choke & the Dark Side Crew dropping dope lines and sick tracks to an adoring crowd of Stormtroopers. Anyway, before our imaginations get out of hard let us just say that this Star Wars Tales t-shirt is a must have for any Star Wars fan.

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