The Beatles T-Shirt - Abbey Road

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Come together right now, over the renowned brilliance of Liverpool’s finest with a Beatles Abbey Road t-shirt!

This black, 100% cotton t-shirt highlights the iconic photograph made famous by the Beatles for their eleventh studio album, Abbey Road. The Beatles Abbey Road t-shirt shows each member walking, single file, through a crosswalk. They are all wearing suits except lead guitarist, George Harrison, who wore all denim. Paul McCartney also stands out for not wearing shoes. The image took about 10 minutes to capture, yet is one of the most prominent images in music history.

Many fans have travelled to Abbey Road studios for an opportunity to pose like the Beatles at the now famous crosswalk. An Indian police force recently used the image in an effort to raise awareness for hazardous jaywalking, pointing out that the Beatles even use the marked crossings. Support proper
pedestrian traffic law with a Beatles Abbey Road t-shirt!

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