The Misfits T-Shirt - Ouija Board

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Product Description

Behold! The Mystifying Oracle, The Misfits Ouija Board t-shirt!

The Misfits Ouija Board t-shirt adds a ghoulish twist to the classic talking board design. The original Ouija board design was patented in May of 1890. The letters spelling the alphabet and numbers 0-9 with the words “yes” and “no” as well as “goodbye” are still the standard form printed today. Although the Christian community have deemed the Ouija board to be a demonic tool for possession, Toy’s-R-Us continues to sell the Boards in their family game section.

The Misfits Ouija Board t-shirt is printed in white on a black cotton t-shirt. The standard sun and moon designs have been replaces by images of the crimson ghost.

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