The Misfits T-Shirt - Skull Camo

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Product Description

Keeping with the resurgence of the popular Camouflage print, Here’s the Misfits Skull Camo t-shirt!

What takes this shirt above and beyond our other camo prints you ask? Well, it’s most definitely the fact that the Misfits Skull Camo t-shirt design is also printed in a bright hunter orange! The misfits’ classic skull logo was adopted from the 1946 serial film titled “The Crimson Ghost”. A Serial film would pay before a full length feature at the theatre and leave a cliff-hanger ending, in hopes that the audience would return the next week to another film to see the next piece of the saga.

The misfits skull camo t-shirt is printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt and should be washed in cold water.

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