Info About The This Providence Store

Forming in 2003, The Providence was a four piece rock band from Seattle, Washington. Members Daniel Young and Phil Cobrea both played in Pop-Punk bands during their high school years and when their respective bands broke up they decided to come together and create something new.

2004 saw the band gaining quite a strong local following, all while still in high school. Upon graduation the boys released their debut album “Our Worlds Divorce” which was met with reasonable success.

In 2005 it was announced that drummer Paul Benson would be leaving the band to pursue a new career path. It was later made public that we was working for Apple Inc. Paul and the band remain on good terms and are in regular contact.

A mere year later, after the release of their second album “This Providence”  Phil Cobrea announced that he would be leaving the band after experiencing “fractured relationships” and said that he needed to be around his family and girlfriend. It would not be much longer before Dan Young would announce in 2013 that The Providence would not be continuing on as a band.

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