Info About Trivium Store

            Trivium is a heavy metal band from Florida that formed in 2000. Since their inception, the band has released several successful albums to the delight of fans, and have even contributed to the God of War sound track. The band has indicated that they will continue to make music and hope that their sound will only get louder and heavier. Despite this wish, the catalogue of Trivium albums has proved that the band has a wide range of musical capabilities and can easily adapt to different veins of metal.

            Trivium knows their fans and has consequently created some pretty fantastic Trivium merchandise. This includes Trivium buttons, which can be easily fastened to just about any piece of clothing, making it a very versatile way to support these metal heroes. Also available are Trivium picks, allowing you to channel your inner Corey Beaulieu and improve your guitar playing skills by 100%, guaranteed! (Note: Results are not actually guaranteed). Adding to the allure of Trivium merchandise is how cool the band’s logo is. As one of the few metal logos that can actually be read with ease, it maintains the cred of a metal band, while gaining the approval of mothers everywhere! Whatever you are looking for, Trivium merchandise is sure to fit the bill as some of the coolest, most graphic metal gear out there.

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