Ugly Christmas Sweater - Satan's Reindeer

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Product Description

Whenever we think of the Satan’s Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater we picture Santa Clause sitting up at the North Pole placing orders online and making a crucial typo. One little slip of the mind or finger and Santa becomes Satan. We can just picture the delivery guy with a group of demonic devil deer behind him waiting for Santa to sign for his package. Old Saint Nick would plead over and over that “These are Satan’s Reindeer! Not mine!” and the delivery guy, completely unsympathetic, would say “Hey man, the order says Kris Kringle, that’s you, isn’t it?” Inevitably, Santa ends up with Satan’s Reindeer and hilarity ensues. Now if you buy the Satan’s Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater this holiday season you can tell this awesome joke and have everyone at the office Christmas party spewing eggnog out of their nose.

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