Ugly Christmas Sweater Tee - Gruss Vom Krampus

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Product Description

Forget those milk and cookies; What this Christmas creature truly craves is baby feet and the souls of naughty children! Behold the Gruss Vom Krampus ugly Christmas sweater tee!
Krampus is basically the European anti-Santa. Legends say the fearsome ghoul featured on our Gruss Vom Krampus ugly Christmas sweater tee would go to all the houses in the land, and steal bad kids from their loving homes and bring them back to his lair where he would ritualistically eat them. So this holiday season, if you want your kids to behave, tell them the tale of Krampus! It is especially effective to do so while wearing a Gruss Vom Krampus ugly Christmas sweater tee, this will give your sweet baby angels a hearty dose of nightmare fuel!

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