Van Halen T-Shirt - Winged Heart

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Product Description

How much 80s rock style can we fit on one t-shirt? Lets see how we did with the Van Halen Winged Heart t-shirt!

So, we started with Van Halen, one of the quintessential rock bands of the 80s and their logo, which is perfect for adorning the hood of any muscle car or gear van. Next we add a some general rock n roll imagery, a heart for love, roses for beauty but with thorns for sadness and wings for freedom! The Van Halen winged heart t-shirt is looking great, but well just add some ornate background design and distress it to give it that vintage, worn look. And there you have it, the perfect 80s rock tee! All joking aside, theres a good reason why Van Halen is still around, with 12 albums under their belts and years of touring and playing, the Van Halen Winged Heart t-shirt is more of a tribute to the evolution of rock and how iconic a band can be!

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