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Who says a notorious villain canít turn over a new leaf? The new Venom Lethal Venom t-shirt proves anyone can change for the better!
If youíve ever felt like you couldnít come back from a bad decision, let Venom be your life guru! The Venom Lethal venom t-shirt is based on the six part comic series based around the Spider-Man antagonist. In the series Venom: Lethal Protector, Eddie Brock, the current host for the alien symbiote, moves to San Francisco with the hopes of using his Venom persona for good! But when a vengeful relative of one of his victims comes for him with some supernatural muscle of his own, Venom must team up with who else but Spider-Man to save his own life and his new city! So grab one of our Venom Lethal Venom t-shirts and look to a brighter, and less homicidal, future!

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