Spiked Wristband - Large Claw Spike


Product Description

Ever see a claw that big? That there is genuine dragon claw! (Or metal, whichever one sounds more believable.) Unleash your hard-core spirit animal with the Large claw spiked wristband!

The claw spikes are 1 inch in length and use screws to stay secured on a 2 inch x 9 inch leather wristband. The Large claw spiked wristband also features 2 sets of snaps for size adjustment.

Dragons appear in many cultures and historical writings. There are even dragons mentioned in the bible! There are many animals that exist today which may have helped the dragon legend, it is said that a spitting cobra was the inspiration for dragons breathing fire! This completely irrelevant piece of information brought to you by the Large claw spike wristband and ROCKWORLDEAST!

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