Spiked Wristband - Small Black Trees


Product Description

Black. Itís bold, yet subtle; dark yet elegant, and itís probably your favorite color! Donít mess with other hues and grab a small black tree spiked wristband for all your cuffing needs!

The small black tree spikes are .5 inches in length and use screws to attach to a black leather wristband which measures 2 inches x 9 inches. The wristband has 2 sets of snaps, enabling better fit and flexibility.

The color black is most commonly associated with death and mourning, which is not always a bad thing. The Egyptians related black to Anubis, the Black Jackal god of the underworld who would protect them from evil! If you want mad supernatural power against death and demons, be sure to pick up a Small black tree spiked wristband!

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