Wallet Pant Chain - Black Thick Rope 34"


Product Description

If you don’t mess around with lightweight chains, this one is for you! Our heavy-duty Black Thick Chain 34” Wallet Pant Chain will keep your wallet safe and secure. Flat links hooked together in a classic black color will blend in or stand out, emphasizing your style with this unique accessory. If you prefer thicker, heavier chains, or just happen to misplace your wallet occasionally, the Black Thick Chain 34” Wallet Pant Chain is for you.

With a sturdy claw-like hook that will lock on securely, you’ll always be in business. This classic chain is an excellent piece for any rocker on the go. Strong and durable for everyday life, as well as for wild nights out, excellent for rocking out, head banging and other care free mayhem. The most black metal chain here, the Black Thick Chain 34” Wallet Pant Chain! This chain is perfect for all lively adventures.

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