Info About The Wu-Tang Clan Store

            The Wu-Tang Clan has made such a colossal impact on the music scene as a whole, it’s almost impossible to measure the breadth of their reach. Not only are they responsible for pioneering hip hop as it is known today, they have influenced musicians across the board with their commitment to making innovative, relevant and extremely hard hitting rap tunes.

            Hailing from the suburbs of New York, rappers RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Master Killa, Old Dirty Bastard and Ghostface Killah collaborated to form the unrivaled super group that invented mafia-style lyrics, the use of slang and a never been done before sampling style from the genius mind of RZA.

            Wu-Tang Clan merchandise is best represented by the Wu-Tang CREAM shirt that houses the world famous Wu-Tang symbol and the acronym for Cash Rules Everything Around Me. If you’re looking for something to spoil a rap aficionado with be sure to get your eyes on the Wu-Tanhg Clan Store becasue thre's always a new Wu-Tang Clan Shirt on the way.

            It was because of the Wu-Tang clans many affiliations they were able to cast such a wide net of success. Being a tightly knit brotherhood amplified the dedication and support for each other that seldom existed in the rap game at the time and introducing new acts on stage kept their material fresh and relevant.

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