Wu-Tang Clan T-Shirt - Forever

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Product Description

“How can Hip Hop be Dead if Wu Tang is Forever?” Good Question, t-shirt! Let’s ponder the immortality of our favourite hip hop troupe with the Wu Tang Clan Forever t-shirt!

Wise words can come from the most surprising places. The Wu Tang Clan Forever t-shirt urges us to get back to the roots of rap and hip hop, and not let this important genres fade into obscurity! The words of the image are printed in a bold, white, capitalized font with the classic yellow Wu Tang logo underneath. In the background, there’s a yellow cityscape and two hands throwing up the Wu Tang Clan hand sign to the citizens below.

Wu Tang Clan got their start in the early 90’s, when hip hop had started to become more mainstream. Don’t think they weren’t a force to be reckoned with however, they had more of an underground following from the beginning. They are a group known for never compromising and being true to themselves, which is why each member is still revered in the hip hop and music community in general. Keep hip hop alive with the Wu Tang Clan Forever t-shirt!

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