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Product Description

For all you animal lovers out there hoping to educate other on the sounds of nature, look no further than this Ylvis t-shirt featuring the catchphrases of the most popular creatures wildlife has to offer!

Printed on 100% cotton, this Ylvis t-shirt features shows what sounds are made in the animal kingdom, specifically the dog, cat, bird and mouse. Each animal sound is written in white font with a silhouette of the animal in orange. On the back, the longstanding question is asked, “What does the fox say?” with a fox silhouette also in orange at the top.

Foxes are closely related to dogs, but are solitary creatures that tend to avoid interaction with humans. Russians have been able to domesticate the northern Silver Fox but perhaps it’s due to their “lone wolf” mentality and distance from us as a species, that we have such a poor understanding of what a fox says.

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