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            Typically, the hoodie comes in two styles, the zip up hoodie with 2 pockets and the pullover hoodie with  one kangaroo pocket int he front. Here you can find a large selection of Sons Of Anarchy Hoodies in a pullover style with the SAMCRO logo on the front. This is a great example of the pull over style that is characterized by a single front pocket, and a thick drawstring hood. Newer zip-up hoodies have a separated pocket on the front that is bisected by the zipper. The Iron Maiden Trooper Hoodie is a perfect example of this variation.

            Hoodies are also associated with modern day celebrities like Mark Zukerburg, (CEO of Facebook) and Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks), who can be seen wearing this type of garment on a daily basis. Today, the hoodie is a common place fashion staple that is worn by virtually every demographic, largely replacing the sweatshirt. They are decorated by band  logos, university emblems, pop culture sayings, graphics, company logos and sports logos alike.

            Band hoodies are a popular item in North America and can be worn year round. In the winter, throwing one on under a jacket creates an extra layer of warmth for the torso, the neck, arms and head. In the summer, jackets are often replaced by this type of garment simply because they are more comfortable and versatile.

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